Operation: Silent Fury was conceived as a hybrid between camping, survival war-game, capture the flag and first-person shooter video games. In essence, the exercise revolves around two (or more) teams that are sent off into the wilderness carrying food, supplies, weapons and a flag. The teams must then spend the next few days trying to locate each other and attempting to steal the opposing team's flag, for which points are awarded. Tagging another player out with a weapon also scores points. The team with the most points at the end of the exercise wins.

This exercise is about teamwork and camaraderie, emphasizing fun over winning. It is hoped that those who participate in the exercise will come away with a better understanding of their teammates, their skills, personalities and abilities. Operation: Silent Fury is open to everyone and is limited only by the size of the playing area and the amount of time available to you.

You can download the complete Operation:Silent Fury Dossier here (current version is 6.1) in a convenient ZIP format.

Alternatively, you can view the Dossier online here.