Teams for Operation: Silent Fury should have a minimum of six players, although eight is the ideal number. This is due to the fact that there should be eight players to a squad. A team can be made up of as many squads as you like, but the absolute minimum is six people. Each member of the squad plays a specific role and these roles are outlined below. There are also additional roles that can be filled if the team does not require duplicates (I.E. no team needs two snipers and two spotters).

The following is a list of clothing and gear that everyone participating should have for themselves, but it is by no means exhaustive. Things like food, sleeping bags, tents and other essentials are not necessarily listed, but presumed present. Class-specific gear will be discussed under the appropriate heading.


    Summer Climate

    Winter Climate




The squad leader has full command of everyone in his/her squad and can lead the squad autonomously should they become separated from the rest of the team, such as if the Team Leader wishes to split the team into two or more squads in order to attack the enemy on multiple fronts. In a team with more than one squad, one of the squad leaders is chosen to be the Team Leader, who has ultimate command over the entire team. The person in this role must be an effective leader and strategic thinker. S/he must also be able to navigate with a map and compass and be able to effectively use the resources at hand.



The rifleman is the workhorse of the squad, and s/he is the most common. There are usually two to three riflemen per squad, armed with assault rifles and shotguns. Equipment-wise, they are virtually identical to the squad leader (in fact, the squad leader usually doubles as a rifleman). The riflemen make up the bulk of the squad and can be thought of as "general-purpose" soldiers. Any extra people on the team without a specific role should be equipped as riflemen. The people in this role must be able to follow orders given to them by the squad leader as well as having a good general skill base. Since they have no declared specialty, riflemen must be able to perform a wide variety of miscellaneous tasks.



The machine gunner is responsible for carrying the squad's support weapon and for laying down covering fire if the squad finds itself in a skirmish. Again, equipment-wise, the machine gunner is very much like a rifleman except for the weapon s/he carries. The person in this role must be knowledgeable of the area that the squad is operating in, so that s/he can effectively direct his/her fire to best cover the squad in a skirmish.




The scout/sniper acts as the squad's pointman and early warning system. S/he is responsible for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering as well as for picking off important targets (both materiel and infantry) from a distance. The person in this role must be silent, patient, observant and have a reliable memory. They are generally aided by a spotter.




The spotter is the scout/sniper's partner, helping to locate targets and to make sure the shots are placed accurately. S/he is also tasked with defending the sniper if they are spotted since a sniper rifle is all but useless at close range. The spotter will also carry the support gear needed while on patrol. The person in this role must also be silent and patient and have a good sense of what is happening around him/her.



The medic is responsible for tending to his/her injured squad mates. The person in the medic role will carry the first aid box used to revive or restore hit points to a player as well as a real first aid kit to tend to physical injuries like cuts, scratches, sprains, etc. It is recommended that the person in this role be trained in real first aid techniques should an actual emergency occur.



The pack mule should be the strongest member of the squad since s/he is responsible for carrying most of the squad's supplies. All the extra ammo, food, cooking utensils, fuel, shelters and other such equipment are carried by the pack mule. The person in this role should be strong and physically fit and have a good quality backpack to evenly distribute the weight.