Welcome to the official guide for Operation: Silent Fury, a military-simulation and capture-the-flag type exercise. It is designed to give players a taste of military-themed action in a war game setting, as well as teaching them leadership skills, teamwork and strategic thinking. It also involves elements of camping and survival.

Operation: Silent Fury is also designed to be a fun and enriching experience. By combining time spent outdoors in the wilderness with the fun and action of a game, the exercise aims to promote positive changes in people. Stemming from childhood games of playing soldier, it also aims to provide a more accurate experience and teach the fundamentals of strategic thinking while developing a greater sense of camaraderie between friends and/or co-workers.

As always, the number one goal is to have fun! Keeping that in mind, let's begin with an overview of the exercise.


The objective of the exercise is to capture the opposing teamís flag as many times as possible. Given the allotted time frame, this can be anywhere from once to 100 times or more. When your team captures the flag, it must be returned to your base before points are awarded. See the section "Scoring Points" for details.


Before you can begin the exercise, you must first determine what environment(s) you will conduct your operations in. There are three possible exercise types for this mil-sim.

Once you have determined your operational environment, the teams must meet with their maps and clearly define an AO (Area of Operations). The AO cannot be breached and all teams must operate within its boundaries or will be penalized.

When the AO has been defined, you are ready to go. Each team will be deployed at a different Landing Zone within the AO and have free reign to find and capture the opposing teamís flag. Note that since the teams are setting out from separate LZs, a good portion of the game revolves around locating the Opposing Force. The team that locates the OpFor first has a significant advantage, especially if the OpFor is not aware of this discovery.


In order to begin the mission, there are several things you need first.